What is GuildKnights?

GuildKnights is Neo-Blue’s first game and I wanted to take some time to share a little info on the basic concept for the project.

GuildKnights is a turn-based strategy role-playing game.  In it, you’ll create your own Guild and recruit a collection of GuildKnights that you can send out on adventures to various locations.  As your Guild gains notoriety, you’ll gain access to far off and exotic locations where even greater peril and fortune await.

Each GuildKnight is a customizable player-created character.  You’ll be able to set the name, race, gender and basic appearance, and colors for each of your recruited GuildKnights.  In addition to this, you’ll be able to select personality traits that will affect how your GuildKnights interact with one another as well as NPCs during story events.

Gameplay centers around sending a party of four GuildKnights to explore a given location.  There’s a strong focus on risk versus reward and every danger your party encounters increases their chances of finding more and better treasure.  The maps that your party will explore will be randomly generated in order to create unique layouts on repeat visits.  The goal of each stage is to navigate your party to the stage’s exit.  Along the way, your party will encounter various monsters, traps, treasures and character events.

Upon reaching the map exit you’ll have the option to leave with what you’ve found or press onward depths of the zone.  The deeper your party goes, the more lucrative the fruits of their exploits will be but defeated party members forfeit all of their collected treasures!  The deepest depths of each locale hide fantastic riches, unimaginable dangers and dark secrets.  Only the most stalwart GuildKnights will be able forge a path of discovery and return to tell the tale…

The project is currently in pre-alpha and we’ll be able to share more details on the setting, story, and gameplay systems as development moves forward.  We’ll have more to share soon!

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