Basic Combat in GuildKnights

Previously, our combat system only involved resolving an attacking unit’s damage versus a defending unit’s passive defense stat. This led to flat combat encounters without a lot of variance. We’ve made a couple of minor changes that helped to make combat more dynamic and interesting.


Skill-Based Defense

First, defense is no longer a passive stat value that subtracts damage from an attack. Instead, damage and effect mitigation is handled by passively activated defense Skills. What makes defense via Skills more interesting is the fact that we can easily add lots of variance to the way that defense is used versus incoming attacks. We can alter the rules of the defense evaluation based on things like the type of incoming attack, the defender or attacker’s current status, or the current state of the dungeon map. We can even add supplementary effects like repositioning or status changes to the execution of defense Skills.


The second thing that was added is the ability for units to be assigned a counterattack Skill. When a unit that has a counterattack Skill survives an offensive action from an enemy unit, they will retaliate. Adding this simple reactive step to combat instantly made combat engagements more interesting since there is now action being taken by both the attacker and defender. It also adds an element of risk to offense that gives the player more to consider when making an attack.

The basic flow of combat now is Attack -> Defense -> Counterattack.


Enhanced Defending

Another added feature is the ability to boost the effectiveness of Defense Skills using the new Defend action. Taking the Defend action will immediately end the acting unit’s turn, but will boost the effectiveness of its Defense Skills until the next turn. The defense boost received is relative to the number of Action Points the unit had when it defended.

When an Offense Skill is used against a target that has one or more passive Defense Skills, one of the target’s available Defense Skills will be randomly selected and used to determine whether or not the damage and / or effects from the incoming attack will be mitigated. Some Defense Skill types are naturally more or less effective against specific Offense Skill types. The option to forego movement or offense in favor of improved defense is another simple choice that adds a bit more depth to the tactical options available to the player during their turn.


This covers the most basic combat interactions, but we have plans to build out more as development continues.  In addition to the Skills that the units can use, we’re hoping to be able to add some context-sensitive actions based on things like items on the map or the current state of an enemy.  We’ll have more of this to show as we continue to build out our game systems and work on implementing our various class Skills.
Next post, I’ll show off some of the abilities that our new Feyspark enemy has and talk about some of the interesting combat scenarios that I think it’s behaviors can enable.  Until then, back to work~!
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Gel Behavior, Vision, and Traps

Our basic Gel enemy behavior is now complete! Gels will pursue an enemy player then retreat and split when their health gets low.

The goal is to have each enemy type that we add to the game present a unique gameplay challenge for the player. We don’t want any of our enemies to just be balls of hit points that trade attacks with the player characters until one of the dies. In this case, a party without enough combat power to defeat all of the Gels present in a single turn may quickly become overrun by duplicates.

Player units now uncover map tiles as they explore and vision is only granted based on the map position of each player unit. This adds an exploration component to moving around the map. It also means that its easier to wander into a surprise ambush.

<img class="alignnone wp-image-852 size-full" src="http://www.Neo-Blue see this” alt=”Unit Vision” width=”826″ height=”536″ srcset=”×195.png 300w, 826w” sizes=”(max-width: 826px) 100vw, 826px” />

Eventually, a GuildKnight with the right skills will be able to reconnoiter the areas ahead and help the party to avoid running into trouble.

Traps? We’ve got those!

GuildKnight Trap Gel Trap

Traps aren’t currently being placed as a part of map generation proper, but we’ll be building that system along with enemy spawning once we move forward.

The next target is to create a wider variety of enemies for the player to interact with and give player characters actual class and weapon skills to work with. This will help us to get a good measure of what the overall feel of gameplay is at this point before we decide where next to focus our efforts.

The next time I get a break I’ll do a write-up on what our GuildKnight skill progression plans are. Until then, it’s back to work~!

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Map Display Updates

Just recently finished getting the basics of hiding map tiles and enemies relative the the player units’ vision ranges.  This made the need for an easy way to view the whole floor layout more pressing.  We’ve got a barebones implementation working for now since the current art and display style for the game isn’t final.

Now to decide what to do next…

Exploding traps?

Glimmering treasure?

Mind-numbing and tedious refactor of the Dungeon Manager code?

Oh, the choices~!

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Early Line-of-Sight Test

We recently ended up needing to change gears and write up visual detection code so enemies could acquire targets.  This is our first successful test.  Outlined tiles represent the unit’s vision range while filled-in tiles represent an obscured view.

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First Successful Pathfinding Test

This screenshot shows the generated path from each of the enemies on the map to one of the player characters.  We still need to add updates to the path with respect to each unit’s movement capabilities (e.g. not crossing enemy units), but the better part of the work on this is done now.

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Action Menu Design Update

Finally got back working on GuildKnights and finished implementing the new Action Menu design.  Hit the jump to check out the animations.

Next, I’ll be working on adding the ability to have context-sensitive map actions based on where a unit is standing.  The GuildKnights should finally be able to exit the dungeon soon!

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