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Ludum Dare 27

Hi! We’re excited to announce that Neo-Blue is going to be participating in the Ludum Dare game jam this weekend! It’s an online game development event where we’ll be creating a brand new game from scratch over the course of 72 hours. The game will have to match a specific theme that will be announced Friday afternoon.

We’re planning to keep a devlog of our progress on the project here on the site, and once the game is finished we’ll be adding it to our Games page for everyone to try out! Check back with us throughout the weekend to see what’s certain to be either a smashing success or a slow-motion train wreck. Either way, you’re sure to be entertained!

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Press Start

Hey hey!

Welcome and thanks for taking the time to visit our humble little slice of the internet.

We’re a small development team working on our first project; an SRPG / Dungeon Crawler called GuildKnights.  This site will log our progress and offer insight into our development process from time-to-time.  As we move forward and the site grows, we’ll be adding more project media, new game info, and eventually playable web games!

If you find yourself with some free time during a coffee break or while waiting for your favorite game to load, drop back by and check us out!

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